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Aluminum profiles

Aluminum profiles from MiniTec: The construction kit for engineers

Realize your projects with our profiles made of aluminum and benefit from the proven modular principle of MiniTec. Get an overview of our bandwidth here and choose the profiles that exactly match your application and your requirements. The profiles have become indispensable in industry, mechanical engineering and automation technology.

Structural Aluminum Table Connected With MiniTec’s Power-Lock Fastener


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Profil 30 x 30

Profil 30 x 30 G

Profil 30 x 60

Profil 19 x 32

Profil 32 x 32 F

Clamping profil 32 x 32

Profil 45 x 32 F

Clamping profil 45 x 32

Profil 45 x 45 F

Profil 45 x 45 G

Profil 45 x 90 F

Profil 45 x 90 G

Profil 90 x 90 L

Profil 90 x 90 G

Ostatné profily nájdete na nemeckej stránke výrobcu

The right profile for every application
Mechanical engineering profiles and profile technology are the basis and fundamental component for a wide variety of applications in industry, mechanical engineering, plant construction and automation technology. To ensure that you are well equipped for your application now and in the future, we carry our aluminum profiles in various sizes and geometries that can be combined with each other and are compatible with each other. These are used in ergonomic workplace systems, dynamic linear axes and highly complex assembly lines.
Aluminum profiles – the heart of our construction kit
The range of aluminum profiles plays a prominent role in our portfolio, as all constructions and solutions are based on the flexible MiniTec aluminum profile construction kit. From the profile 45×45 to the profile 45×60 up to the profile 90×90: The groove of the aluminum profiles is designed within the respective series in such a way that they can be combined as desired. Thanks to intelligent connection technology with our patented connector, this is completely free of machining.
Lightweight and efficient: The profile series 30 made of aluminum
Easy and flexible to use – that’s what makes our aluminum profile series in the 30mm pitch. Convince yourself of our lightweight in the lower price segment, which is ideal for example for the vehicle construction and the construction of showcases. But also in other applications, where particularly light profiles are in demand, the profile series 30 is a perfect choice.
Large selection for every need: the aluminum profile series 45
Our profile series 45 impresses with a multitude of different profiles: Depending on the field of application, our range offers you the most suitable grid size. Due to the identical groove shape, all profiles can be connected with each other and with all complementary components – with only one tool and a screw and nut size.
Well equipped for all cases: the special profiles
In addition to our profile series 30 and 45, we offer you with our special profile program useful additions such as the handle profile or the rail profile. Our special profiles can also be combined as required – in accordance with the tried-and-tested, modular MiniTec modular system