Pre-assembled elements for lifting an sliding doors

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Lifting and sliding door for mechanical engineering

Ready to install lifting and sliding door elements for mechanical engineering
With our ready-to-install elements for lifting and sliding doors as well as lift-and-slide doors, we bring mobility into your profile system. Convince yourself of our wide range of door elements that combine flexibility and comfort. Ideal application areas are in mechanical engineering and plant construction.

MiniTec’s UHMW plastic slide bars come in a variety of shapes. They are most ofen used a a low cost bearing alternative to ball bearings. Their modular nature allows them to be used in a wide variety of ways for making linear slides and sliding doors.


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Slide element

Sliding door profile

Roller element for sliding door

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Ostatné pre-assembled elements for lifting and sliding doors nájdete na nemeckej stránke výrobcu

Even faster planning and installation
Our elements for lifting doors and sliding doors in the field of mechanical engineering are already pre-assembled for you. With the help of our connectors, the components can be easily attached to the aluminum profiles. This eliminates the need for stockpiling parts and significantly reduces the planning and assembly time of the lift and sliding doors.
Simple and comfortable handling thanks to the modular principle
For the installation of a sliding-roller element on a lift door 4 elements are required: On each two columns in the upper position and one on each side of the door element in the lower position. To determine the length of the guide column, you should plan the stroke length and an additional 180 mm. A sliding door guide allows the simultaneous guidance of 2 elements in a profile groove. In this case, a subsequent installation of doors in the existing construction is possible. For a sliding door element 4 guides are required.
Our assortment for precise and easy running ways
Our range of ready-to-install components for lifting doors and sliding doors in mechanical engineering includes cable guides, ropes & cable clamps, chain deflectors, chain fasteners, counterweights, roller elements, track profiles and rollers for sliding doors and roller shutters with drive. All these elements are made of aluminum and high quality plastic. In addition, they can be flexibly combined with one another using our tried-and-tested modular principle and ensure comfortable operation of your lift and sliding doors. Rely on the ready-to-install elements for lifting and sliding doors for mechanical engineering from MiniTec and benefit from maximum efficiency with the highest quality standards.